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Things That Can Help You with Your Music Business

August 26th, 2015

If you have a passion for music it’s likely that you will also want to pursue a career in music. The problem here is that many of those jobs in music and the arts may well look great on paper but the reality can often be quite different. Pretty much as with any other job you might at some point deal with tedious, boring organisational tasks or you may spend many hours in the office.


export – music - merchandiseA good example here could be that that you have a band and face the task to mail merchandise, demos and other promotional material to customers all across the world.


It wouldn’t take long until this might become rather overwhelming especially if many of your customers are located in other countries.


To make things a lot easier for search otherwise rather tedious tasks might want to look into business software that can help you with those things.


For businesses that are often mailing out music merchandise I can highly recommend that you look into export software. Export software has the big advantage that it can greatly relieve you when it comes to many often challenging things that have to do with shipping. Think about always needing to know about shipping carriers and costs or the constant hassle with that your custom forms need to be filled out correctly. It is those things that can often hold up your entire business. With export software, all this can be done a lot faster and a lot easier.


Ultimately, if you can take advantage of various available business software it can help you to save a lot of time that you can use for the other, more interesting things!

The Richmond Music and Drama Festival

August 26th, 2015

Actor John Hannah is the head behind the new annual Festival of Music and Drama in Richmond.

The event which is organised by the Richmond Theatre at the Orange tree Theatre will feature more than 70 events with a variety of stages, bands and venues. The festival will be held from September 28 to October 18.

Along with numerous artists from all over the United Kingdom there will also be amateur theatre groups plus performances by local schools.

Mr Hanna the festival patron said to the press that he is delighted to give his support to this new music and art drama Festival. “It is wonderful to see such talent been given a platform in Richmond and look forward to the events taking place in the autumn” he said.

The boroughs arts, culture and sports councillor Meena Bond  said that the upcoming festival will have an international theme to it. She said there the city has “extremely active arts scene” that they are proud to be able to showcase some of the talents this year.

While the music and art drama Festival will be held in autumn this year, the next one is expected to be held in Spring.

2015 Festival Time in the UK

April 20th, 2015

If you know me you may also know that I like everything having to do with the outdoors, especially if it has to do with music. In summer, there is almost no weekend where I don’t spend the day to at one of our countless festivals here in the area. Sometimes my travels evenly even further up the countryside, my furthest so far was visiting the Scottish Highlands for a bunch of very cool folk music festivals up there.


One of my favourite websites to look for upcoming festivals is The Festival Calendar. I’m usually spending quite some time on there when I make my plans for the upcoming months.


Of course, more exciting than making all those plans is when I actually travel, as soon as the weather gets nicer outside. When I started with that at first I made the mistake that I thought that I will always have to save up a good amount of money that will then spend on lodging, bed-and-breakfast and so forth. And let me assure you that all those places especially around areas with festivals are extremely overpriced! (That is if you can even get a room to stay for the weekend!)


And this is when Andrew, my buddy looked at me like I’m crazy that I even do that. He asked me why I don’t get myself a camper van instead? So what I did is that I check out a local camper rental place, the VW Camper hire here in Brixham. It didn’t take long that I found a really cool camper there and I can definitely say that had a blast in the following weeks. In fact I liked visiting all those places with my camper van that much  that I actually purchased that van right the following month. Compared to what I paid for B&B before this was definitely a very good decision.


I can definitely say that a camper van is the best thing especially if you do a lot of short-term trips like I do to festivals and similar events. It’s really great and always exciting! You have more freedom to go where you want to without all the problems like having to book rooms and getting ripped off by those who rent out rooms at the popular festival places! Highly recommended!

On Surprise Entertainment

March 12th, 2015

I’m sure you have heard of surprise entertainment by now? If not, let me fill you in quick: Surprise entertainment is all  the hype right now especially in the UK. It is singers and dancers who are disguised and who would all of a sudden perform at a party or wedding. Another very popular form of surprise entertainment would be flash mob performances which can happen any place or any time, like in a shopping centre, church or pretty much any public place.


Surprise entertainment such as the singing waiters has now in particular become popular for private parties and wedding receptions. It sure is the best way today if you want to make impression with your guests. And let’s be honest, how often do people get engaged or having a wedding?


People are simply looking for memorable and unique musical entertainment for such events, aside from what anyone else already does and did for ages. The local DJ or some average band are sure not the most exciting thing when it comes to this.


If you want to get in touch with the singing waiters, see their website


There you can read all about the singing waiters and can also contact them for bookings.

Ministry of Sound: ‘Streaming is Killing The Music Industry’

March 12th, 2015

lohan-presencerMinistry of Sound front man Lohan Presencer doesn’t like music streaming, he doesn’t like it at all.


If Lohan had his way, we should all pay to use online services such as Spotify and even Youtube.


Presencer is one of those vehement opponents of free streaming services. At a recent debate with representatives of streaming services Deezer and Rdio he made his point clear:


“My beef continually over the last few years has been with the free aspect, the freemium model. I just can’t see how that is sustainable or supportable. The argument goes that by making a free ad-funded service available, you give the pirates an alternative. I just don’t buy it,” he said.


“I think what you do is you take casual consumers of music and you turn them from purchasers into noshers, into browsers, into snackers. They don’t have to engage in the subscription model. The reality of some of the bigger streaming services is that 75% of their user base are free, which has a horrific impact on the music industry and its ability to invest in talent going forward.”


Among his criticism is also that he thinks that streaming services don’t really benefit the musicians and right holders but merely their investors.


A Good Gym Is Always Worth it!

February 25th, 2015

a good fitness gymPretty much every year, right before spring, a lot of people want to sign up with fitness gyms because they want to look great in summer.


And many of those who head out to find a gym in the beginning of a new year often don’t have former experience with gyms so they’re pretty much new to doing something for their fitness.


Now you need to know that not every gym is also dedicated that you’ll get all fit and slim in the best and most effective way possible.


In many cases, a gym is just a business like any other and they have more an interest to make some money rather than really help you on your way to a fit body. And this is exactly why you should take your time and maybe get some helpful advice before you sign up with a gym!


Gyms here in the UK can vary greatly in what they offer. Some gyms just send you their membership card and that’s it as far as their helpfulness is concerned.


If you’re a fitness newbie then you’re pretty much on your own figuring out what to do, most of the time you won’t even know where to start since you have no idea about exercises or how to use their fancy exercise equipment.


This is why I always say only to sign up with a gym where they can also offer you personal training or better even, complete fitness classes! If you have a trainer around they can teach you about the best routines and explain to you what equipment would be best to use. Obviously this is far better than finding yourself in a random gym where you don’t have a clue what to do when you’re there!


So, before you sign up with a gym..think about this and don’t just look at the cost for their membership! Here in Hackney where I live I recommend the nice guys from London Fields Fitness which is my favourite gym that I found in Hackney! If you live elsewhere in the UK, check out – this is a good resource to help you find gyms in your area!