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A Good Gym Is Always Worth it!

a good fitness gymPretty much every year, right before spring, a lot of people want to sign up with fitness gyms because they want to look great in summer.


And many of those who head out to find a gym in the beginning of a new year often don’t have former experience with gyms so they’re pretty much new to doing something for their fitness.


Now you need to know that not every gym is also dedicated that you’ll get all fit and slim in the best and most effective way possible.


In many cases, a gym is just a business like any other and they have more an interest to make some money rather than really help you on your way to a fit body. And this is exactly why you should take your time and maybe get some helpful advice before you sign up with a gym!


Gyms here in the UK can vary greatly in what they offer. Some gyms just send you their membership card and that’s it as far as their helpfulness is concerned.


If you’re a fitness newbie then you’re pretty much on your own figuring out what to do, most of the time you won’t even know where to start since you have no idea about exercises or how to use their fancy exercise equipment.


This is why I always say only to sign up with a gym where they can also offer you personal training or better even, complete fitness classes! If you have a trainer around they can teach you about the best routines and explain to you what equipment would be best to use. Obviously this is far better than finding yourself in a random gym where you don’t have a clue what to do when you’re there!


So, before you sign up with a gym..think about this and don’t just look at the cost for their membership! Here in Hackney where I live I recommend the nice guys from London Fields Fitness which is my favourite gym that I found in Hackney! If you live elsewhere in the UK, check out – this is a good resource to help you find gyms in your area!

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