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kids worship songs

Hi all!

just a really quick one. I wanted to let you know about this really great resource that we found for sourcing music for children to learn and sing.

Same Boat Music so loads of different stuff, and there’s a lot of content available if you want it, worship songs generally are categorised by type. In particular we use them for kids worship songs as there are a lot of different artists and songwriters available.

They’re pretty new to us, but they’re part of a bigger music group it seems, so they have a pretty extensive catalogue of songs already available.

Their aim is to make as much helpful worship available to as many people as possible, specifically with a view to reaching kids in ministry and helping them engage in worship in a meaningful way. They use music as a way to unite people, it’s universal, so the perfect opportunity.

We’ve really liked what we’ve found on their site. I really hope that they are as useful to you as they have been to us at home and also at our church… and in fact even the wider community.

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