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Ministry of Sound: ‘Streaming is Killing The Music Industry’

lohan-presencerMinistry of Sound front man Lohan Presencer doesn’t like music streaming, he doesn’t like it at all.


If Lohan had his way, we should all pay to use online services such as Spotify and even Youtube.


Presencer is one of those vehement opponents of free streaming services. At a recent debate with representatives of streaming services Deezer and Rdio he made his point clear:


“My beef continually over the last few years has been with the free aspect, the freemium model. I just can’t see how that is sustainable or supportable. The argument goes that by making a free ad-funded service available, you give the pirates an alternative. I just don’t buy it,” he said.


“I think what you do is you take casual consumers of music and you turn them from purchasers into noshers, into browsers, into snackers. They don’t have to engage in the subscription model. The reality of some of the bigger streaming services is that 75% of their user base are free, which has a horrific impact on the music industry and its ability to invest in talent going forward.”


Among his criticism is also that he thinks that streaming services don’t really benefit the musicians and right holders but merely their investors.


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