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Run a Music Biz? Check Out Einvoicing!

If you run a music business, and if you want to run it efficiently, you will likely want to know about some tips on what you can do to save on unnecessary costs and how to make things more profitably.


From my own experience, one of the biggest positive changes in my business was when I switched my invoicing to einvoicing. Einvoicing (or electronic invoicing) can really save you considerable time and money, and once did the switch to electronic invoicing it is likely that you will wonder how you could ever be without it.


Electronic-InvoiceFrom a certain point of view, you can compare einvoicing to email. The principle behind it is pretty much the same, let me explain.


Much so as this the case with electronic mail, electronic invoicing possibility can send and receive your invoices instantly over the Internet.


This alone will amount to a big positive change since it does away with the tedious and slow mailing process that many still use for their traditional paper invoices.


Being able to send and to receive invoices instantly also means there is no waiting any longer until your invoice service can be processed. In fact, most of the time you can assume that an electronic invoice will be completely processed just within minutes from when you send it off since entire process is automated. Said differently, you can create invoice, send it to your recipient and your invoice recipient will process it the instant he or she receives it.


But aside from the significantly shorter time to send and receive invoices, along with their often significant savings this could entitle, einvoicing and many more advantages that makes it interesting for any type of business.


One example for this is that einvoicing does away with paperwork. The entire invoicing process including the creation of invoices can be done on a computer or a smart phone. This is obviously yet another major benefit since not having to rely on a physical office means significantly more mobility. Many types of businesses, in particular smaller businesses and entrepreneurs can now forego the requirement for an office or needing dedicated staff for their invoicing. A contractor can now do their invoicing on the go, say between clients on their mobile device.


While einvoicing can amount to dramatic savings for various businesses, it only costs a little and doesn’t require any major changes in your invoicing process. Most of the time, the switch to electronic invoicing should go easily and seamlessly.


If you run a music business I can highly recommend einvoicing to you!

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