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The Richmond Music and Drama Festival

Actor John Hannah is the head behind the new annual Festival of Music and Drama in Richmond.

The event which is organised by the Richmond Theatre at the Orange tree Theatre will feature more than 70 events with a variety of stages, bands and venues. The festival will be held from September 28 to October 18.

Along with numerous artists from all over the United Kingdom there will also be amateur theatre groups plus performances by local schools.

Mr Hanna the festival patron said to the press that he is delighted to give his support to this new music and art drama Festival. “It is wonderful to see such talent been given a platform in Richmond and look forward to the events taking place in the autumn” he said.

The boroughs arts, culture and sports councillor Meena Bond  said that the upcoming festival will have an international theme to it. She said there the city has “extremely active arts scene” that they are proud to be able to showcase some of the talents this year.

While the music and art drama Festival will be held in autumn this year, the next one is expected to be held in Spring.

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